I have seen countless testimonials and heard people complaining about how being homosexual has been hard for them, how some christians judge them and pronounce words of hate against them , and how their lives have been tough… We only hear about them, right? Well I am christian, I am not homofobic, that is not what the bible teaches, but I can tell they are not the only ones suffering from bullying or discrimination and here is what it means to be christian…

Being christian and profess God is not an easy path. Personally, I have been christian my whole life, born and raised in a christian family and it has not been easy for me. Now, as an adult, I still follow God and love Him because of what He means to me, but people don’t normally understand that. I have come across countless experiences, increasing lately, about how we christians are haters and how we are intolerant, but the same that say that, also make fun of my beliefs, they claim I have an “imaginary friend”, make fun of the Bible’s stories, they make fun of parts of the Bible they have not even read completely and draw conclusions without knowledge. They claim we are the intolerant but they are intolerant towards what we believe.

Growing up in a world where not drinking alcohol is considered an insult, not wanting to have sexual intercourse (because you want to keep God’s commandments) being like a joke not only to teenagers but grown ups as well, having boys not wanting to date you not because you are not pretty or enough but because they know you will not let them go to third base… Reading posts about how christians are retrograde, outdated, boring, delusional, and  many more insults… Being considered a mentally ill person because of your religious choice IS an insult. Just because someone cannot see God and cannot understand me for believing in Him, it does not give them the right to make fun of me, or reject me, or make me feel bad about it. Being a christian was not, and it is still not easy, because adding to that, now we are being treated as intolerant towards other sexual orientations different from “straight” (yes, I know that term is not the best, but is the one everybody understands).

I am not trying to see who suffers the most, this is not a competition, it’s only an eye opening post about how we judge others no matter their sexual orientation, religion, race, or any other characteristic, and that it does not matter in which “side” you are, discrimination is always wrong, and it damages us all. Hatred has to stop, in every direction.

Ignorance is expressed at its most when we make fun of things we don’t understand.









Learning that being an introvert was ok took me 26 years…

It has always been a pressure in today’s society to be an introvert. I have found myself countless times answering questions as: Are you mad? Why are you so quiet? Why don’t you like parties? Are you ok?

Society normally sees extroversion as the right way to be: being extra social, wanting to go out every day, attending parties often, not being alone at any moment… Being that way is ok, too, but that is not the only way one can be to be accepted. Being an introvert is not a synonym of being depressed or mad, nor antisocial, which is acommon misconception.

Part of being an introvert means we like spending time on our own, that’s the way we recharge: Reading books, painting, sleeping, watching tv, going out for coffee on our own, going to the movies alone, not talking much… You name it.

We would be ok, I, personally, would have thought I was fine had I not been pointed out or judged by my way of being, or if I had not had so many extroverts around while growing up making evident the fact that I was different. But it is important that I reached this point in my life where I no longer ask myself what is wrong with me or how I can be more like the others while draining myself in highly social activivties.

Be yourself, unapologetically, because you will reach that point where I am now, but you would wish you had done it earlier. Embrace your beautiful self, no matter what others think or say.



Whom is it about?

When you face difficult times, you should see the things sorrounding you as objectively as possible… But…

Sometimes our need to fulfill what we lack is so big that we tend to see the scale inclined in our favor (or against us? It depends on how you see it). If you are somehow like me, you will try to explore the possibility that it is your idea, that it might be controlable, that, perhaps, others might be right and you are wrong… Just before you realize that you were right since the beginning. (This is not for the sake of being right, it goes beyond that, it means you are risking your own principles and core values.)

But you know what? Sometimes, it is not about you, sometimes you WILL BE RIGHT and you will have to defend your position because it will determine your future steps. Worst case scenario, nobody will see you are right, and they will try to persuade you. Your friends might be part of those who tell you to consider it twice, your beloved ones, too. BUt when it comes to your growth and safety, the one that has the power to make the decision, is you. Ask yourself one question: Whom is it about? And make your own decision.






What do we all want? Is it acceptance? We all look forward being valued as human beings, being that special someone for somebody, being irreplaceable… But sometimes we look in the wrong places and the only thing we get is a broken heart.

We should look for our value in the hands of the one that created us. The one who made us is the only one who really knows our worth and can reveal it to us. He will not set you apart for being different, He will not refuse to show you love because you have let him down in more than one occasion. Your father is the one who really knows who you are. Society will not tell you who you are, your best friends will not even be there every second of your life, you have secrets you haven´t told anyone… He knows them all, and inspite of that, He loves you and would not change you for any other.

You are who He says you are, not who your mom tells you, not who your teacher tells you, not what your grades say you are… You have a value only God knows and you should pursue knowing it. Once you know who you are for Him, ou will be unstoppable. If you know who you are, who you REALLY are, there´s nothing you would not do.



Waiting is never easy. We will not always have what we want at the time we want it. Sometimes we will, but sometimes, we will not. And in those times, endurance is necessary…

There is a grand difference between having God with you while you wait and that is actually the whole point of this small piece of writing. Whenever we have God for us, we will never have to be afraid or anxious anymore because of the simple but encouraging truth that He holds everything together in our lives.

While we wait in God we have to expect miracles in the way. Why? Because He works wonders. He’s always up to something, and always for our good. So, take courage!

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Loving myself

Credit: Pinterest

We have been told we have to love ourselves, but at the same time that we have to take pride away of our lives, that we have to be able to compliment ourselves but at the same time that we should not feed our ego that much… The way of loving ourselves seems to be more complicated than what we might think. But there is something true, whoever that is that is making you think you are not enough or sufficient to satisfy their needs or that is telling you (not necessarily with words) that you are not worthy…. He or she should make a long trip way back to where they came and leave you alone (my very polite way to say it :))

You see, I had depended on everybody and their moms to create my self-image all my life… Every single comment they made, every compliment or critic, every look on me was an excuse for me to change something or improve my image, just to look every time more perfect… Every magazine model, every tv show host, everybody had something I didn’t have but I needed. And in my 27s, I can tell you that spending kind of 22 looking for perfection, it was just exhausting, it withered me from the inside and it drained me. Trying to please everybody is something we can not afford.

Knowing my worth was something I had to suffer through, but when God came in and showed me who I was, everything finished there, I should say everything actually started there….

If you want to know more on what the process was like because you need any guidance, let me know in the comments and I can send you more information. If you went through this process too, please let me know what it was for you, how did you make it? I’m eager to hear from you!






His love is not fractured


Listening to Amanda Cook’s song Pieces made me think abot how great and unlimited God’s love for us is…

God is not ashamed of you, He is not waiting for you to do something for Him to love you. People around you might have ran away the second you failed them, but with God, He has always been there for you in spite of your actions. His love is not something you can measure… Remember when your dad or mom asked “How much do you love me?” and the answer was “To the moon and back”? For God there are no limits… He doesn’t love just to the moon and back, He is willing to give the most precious of things in order to save you.

Merriam Webster

His love is unconditioned, you will never find this kind of love in anyone else, because as far it is the East from the West, he has hidden your sins from you, so they never reach you again; He has loved you with everlasting love.

His love you cannot compare to anything else, no one will ever be able to love you the way he does. His love does not hurt you and it does not give you excuses, he keeps his promises, his word is word of truth.

For He has loved you, you can live and live a life of abundance, being complete in Him, no matter the circumstance, you will be at peace, worry might come to knock your door, but the peace and quiet of mind that being in HIm gives you, will never compare to the despair the world wants to offer you.

He doesn’t give his heart in pieces, all His love is yours…