Egg or potato?

We have gone through a lot, in my 26 I have experienced moments of pure joy but also moments of sadness that at the time, didn’t seem to have an end. But let me tell you, dear follower, If it didn’t kill you, you will get through it, but you have two ways to get out of it. Let me explain myself…

As children we used to play, get dirty, get injured, ill, and all of our scars have stories but they are only scars, they made us stronger, more careful, wiser, and sometimes afraid of something, but they all taught us valuable lessons.

“You are what you eat”, “You are whom you hang out with””like father, like son”, people are used to say… But neither am I what I eat, nor you are “just like someone else (put the name there)”. We are just ourselves, we should not let people tag us because of our mistakes, our success, our parents or our food… Let’s get it right, We ARE. Period.

Grandparents and some of our parents say that when God created us, he broke the mold, have you heard it? Haha I’m sure you have, but let’s take the cliché out of that phrase and let’s believe that actually nobody else is like us, we have been been specially made, with our favorite and not so favorite parts of our bodies, with our particular personalities and with a lot of little details that make a whole and complete human being, but that human being gets to be “tested” in many situations through life, it’s part of it.

But here it comes the whole point of my paragraphs: Let’s let our hard times only mold us for good, even if it hurts, even if it seems not to have an end. When you boil an egg it becomes hard, when you boil a potato, it softens… You can’t choose the struggle, but you get to choose in some way your reaction to it, and my dear, our world is already full of stone-hearted people that are ruining it every day a little bit more, let’s not be like them, let’s build something better for our future. So you choose the way you want to get out of your struggle (somehow).

We have been broken, bent down, beaten, attacked, deceived… But we haven’t been DEFEATED… Let’s keep trying!




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