We all have been looking for it our entire lives… Some people say happiness is not the final goal, that it is the journey, not the destination.

Have you ever thought what happiness is for you? I would say many people might choose money as the answer, it might be a cliché, but we all know money can bring us some sort of happiness. Money is not happiness, but it helps.

Others may say it is found in new experiences, in studies, in traveling, in love, in sharing, in others… The truth is, happiness, as well as success, are subjective. What happiness or success are for me might not be the same for you. But above all, I have learned something, and here, i have to explain myself, I’m not trying to impose anything, i’m just giving my own point of view and share my experience…

What I have learned through the years, is that my happiness are moments in which I have have been entirely me, moments where I have loved deeply, moments in which I have been able to overcome certain situations, moments in which I have corrected myself from a bad habit or attitude… For me, being deeply happy means being better everyday, not letting your past self dictate the person you are now, because, just think for a moment, if we were to be judged only by the mistakes we have done, maybe some of us wouldn’t be here. There is actual happiness, for me, in knowing that I am forgiven, that I am a new person that can enjoy every day a new chance to be better…



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