Looking for the pieces…

pastdoneWe all have been broken in some way, by situations, by others, by our own selves…
I have had the opportunity to love someone deeply that I happened to lose very recently, I actually would like to say everything ended because he made all the possible mistakes, but the truth is, I also did wrong, in my own excitement to maintain everything perfect, I started making mistakes, and it’s fine, we are not perfect… Either way, I am not here to bore you with a love story, I am here to encourage you in the middle of a bad situation, because sometimes people are going to make us feel bad, but sometimes, the ones that are going to hurt someone, are ourselves.

Dear, Have this tattooed on your mind, please:(When I say we, I mean us, you, the reader, and myself, just to make it more personal)

We ARE GOING TO make mistakes
We ARE GOING TO be weak sometimes
We ARE GOING TO be not so good at handling problems sometimes
And whatever the hell you want to add to the list….

BUT, BUT, BUT, BUT!!!! We are going to stand, we are going to dust our pants, we are going to look at what is in front of us, and we WILL start walking again. We are NOT going to make the same old mistakes anymore. Why? Because we know they have hurt not only our beloved ones, but ourselves.

Please, just keep in mind something, IT’S OK to make a mistake, because sometimes we just don’t go further because we are so alienated in our own faults, that we can’t… But remember we were not made perfect, we live to be better everyday and to enjoy the ride.




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