Pessimism disguised as realism

Have you ever thought of quitting because nobody thinks you can?

We have lived our lives restrained by human limits… “No, that’s just for rich people” “Nah, nobody else has done it, you won’t either” “No, that’s just for professionals”. The problem is not the people that tell us those phrases, the problem is that we have always believed them and now we live by those rules.

You see, there’s nothing wrong in being a realist, you don’t have to chocolate cover everything in life, things are the way they are, sometimes bad, sometimes good. The problem is when we claim ourselves to be realists when we are actually being a bunch of pessimists.

Don’t worry, it’s not our fault, we are told not to expect anything from anybody so we don’t get disappointed, we have been told to not point too high because we might not get it, and we are tired of being disappointed by everybody and everything. Nevertheless, there is a way out.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? What would you do if you were not to fail? What would you do if you hd nothing to lose? All those questions come up in motivational speeches, but think about it, what have you won by being a pessimist? What have you achieved if not standard goals?  You might be thinking “I’m too old for this shit”, “I have responsibilities”… But are you willing to lose even more opportunities because you don’t want to get disappointed? You have overcome greater shit than being disappointed, dear.

I’m not saying you have to leave your family, friends, yell at your boss, quit your job and run naked back to your house. I’m talking about little steps, steps that will make a huge difference in your life later… Just by the twist of a thought, instead of the “can’t” go for the “CAN”, so you won’t worry about the killing “What ifs” or the “Should haves” later on… I’m not telling you the recipe for gold, or the secret recipe to the perfect life, but just try and you’ll see the difference!


Comment if you can add more tips on living a better life 🙂


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