Bye 2015…

Roughest and hardest year of my life… I won’t miss it, but I am really thankful for what God taught me through so much pain.

You see, people measure a good year by the happy moments they lived through it, but sad experiences actually teach us valuable lessons. They make us stronger, better. That’s why I am thankful for the pain, for the tears, the million tears. Thanks to that pain, I was able to discharge anger and bitternes I had lived with for many years, and now I can say I’m a better person.

Yes, it´s rough, yes, it hurts, it still hurts, but if those situations hadn’t happen, I wouldn’t be the woman I am now. And God I needed to change… So, bye 2015, I won’t miss you, but thanks for the lessons. God, I’m ready for the love, peace, blessings, and joy that are awaiting for me in 2016.




Image: One of my own drawings


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