He fights my every battle

You are not alone

When in moments of frustration and fear, hopelessness and sadness, everybody will come and tell you everything will pass, that you have to be strong, but nobody knows what’s it like and it doesn’t help. Right?

I know that because I used to be one of those who always told people Hey everything will be ok… Let it go… And that crap that you don’t need to hear because you’re hurting. But if I am certain of something, that’s that in the middle of my darkest day, I found support in someone that had been there all of the time but that I simply had ignored. God seems like a far away entity that we have to stand in line for Him to be able to answer our prayer, hear our call, attend our need…

Religion, that’s the whole problem. Because people teach us that God is mad at us for being bad. Please, if you are to read anything on this post, pay the most attention to this part, God is not mad, He knows we are not perfect, He knows we can’t on our own, He wants us to come before Him, that’s it. He will listen, even though He knows it, He likes it when we talk to Him. Trust me, I know you don’t know me, but you don’t have anything to lose… Give Him a chance, He will fight your every battle.

If you have 3 more minutes, listen to that song




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