A mess

I have promised and I have lied, I have hurt people unintentionally but hurt them anyway, I have been cold, insecure, jealous, mad, angry… A COMPLETE MESS… But this is not to tell you I’m all that and that you can take me or leave me… NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT.

I try every single day not to make the same mistakes that have hurt me so much, I’m not willing to let my own mistakes take me from what I love anymore. I don’t think you as a respectable human being should say you are the way you are and everybody should accept you with your good and bad stuff. If you think that kind of thoughts will make you enjoy life, you are wrong, because the point of life is not in being an ass to everyone that crosses your way, neither it is people loving you and you not making an effort to earn it.

The point of us waking up every morning is different for everybody, but it should be a MUST to consider that every day is a new opportunity for you to be better, to try, to make at least one person smile because of something you did or said, not because we all have to be young Mother Theresas or Ghandis, but because the point of life, PERHAPS, is not simply be yourself and being proud of your bitterness, and mistakes, and coldness towards others, or how sarcastic you can be today.

I’m not telling you to live your life like all peace and love, because we all have our days and we’re not little angels on earth. But try not to be so indifferent to others’ needs and lacks… Worry about being better, not for others to love you either, but to feel proud of yourself for something actually good.

Love, (I know, after those words “Love” doesn’t sound like heart-felt haha but I mean it)



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