He knows you’re not perfect, but He loves you anyway

We worry about people liking us for what we are, we struggle to make others smile when they see us, to keep them interested, to keep them by our sides. The moment we make a mistake, they see us different, some of them leave, others remain there but their trust may be fractured, others attack us as if they were perfect… Countless are the reasons why we should avoid having as a priority people liking us, having more friends and look for acceptance in others.

I can tell you about many occasions in which I have left my heart in pieces, trying to impress others, trying to make them like me, trying to keep them by my side… And it isn’t worth it. But the point of today’s piece of writing is to tell you that when I knew about God, I learned he loved me even with all my mistakes, because he knows I’m not perfect, He knows even the mistakes I’m about to make and that doesn’t stop him from loving me, He never regrets having chosen me.

You might want to tell me you don’t like religion, that you are tired of pastors being exposed in the middle of corruption or any other sin; that you are tired of people talking about prosperity and money in churches or that all pastors are thieves… I get it, I am too, but God is not religion. He is not in the church only on sundays, He is not there only when you are good, He is not there only when you call him, He is there always, you just have to invite him in.

If he did, WHAT WOULD BE THE POINT OF MERCY? Think about it, Speaking for myself, I have been the worst, I’ve promised I will change at least 3 billion times, I have hurt people, I have been hurt, I have been mad, I have been selfish, but none of those things stopped him from forgiving me and giving me a new chance. NO MATTER how bad you have been, how messed up you think you are or how screwed you think your life is, it really doesn’t. Just reach out for him, He is there.

I can’t be grateful enough for his love, and if you think it’s going to be like your father’s love, like your boyfriends’ or girlfreinds’ love, like your friends’ love, like anyone’s love… My friend, you are mistaken. If you have 3 minutes, listen to the next song, you won’t regret it, in 2:57 you’ll find how that love works…

My favorite: “It’s never disengaged” What’s yours?


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