In weakness I rise…

Man do I feel tired…. This has been one of -if not- the roughest seasons for me…Today I reached the point where I just sat down with my headphones on and listened to a song of praise but I couldn’t even sing or pray…

Yesterday, during worship time at church, one of the ladies hugged me and told me: “Winter is already gone, spring has arrived”… I could only cry, but I was so tired for everything… I AM so tired…

But He is here, He has promised, and as I believe, I will sing as long as I live, because He doesn’t fail, He doesn’t lie, He remains, the King above all Kings, my Lord, my FATHER… He is here, and not only for me, He is here for you, too.

We have been made close, no matter what you have been through, no matter what you have done, His blood was poured out for us, and we have been made clean. What do you hace to do? Just believe and confess with your mouth, not to any man, no, just there, at work, in your room while you read this… And that’s it, enjoy His love, his mercy, his forgiveness, and rise in the middle of your weakness because we are strong in Him, the anchor of our souls.



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