Your name meaning

I don’t know how your parents named you, or after whom they named you. What I know is that names are important in life, through the bible, the meaning of a person’s name was one the most important things, because they were marked in some way by them. Through the history of the bible, people that had shameful names, God even changed them. Names were pretty important in those days, but I like to think that not only in those days… Because we don’t get to choose our names, but our life is highly impacted by them. Even if you want to see it from the shallow perspective of the place of your name on a list on class attendance, which is actually very important if you think about it, until the very deep meaning of it for your life.

Mine is “Crowned in Victory”… It hit me deep because I feel like in life I haven’t had many victories, but times change, and I know I am about to experience Victory… Closer than ever

Find out what yours mean and maybe I will make a drawing for you like I did with mine 🙂

“Coronada en Victoria” (Spanish for Crowned in Victory)



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