Hanging on Him

These have been some powerful weeks for me. I want to share with you an amazing thing God has shown me because it changed my life. Mindblowing.

The joy of God. What does it mean? Does it mean everything around me is ok? Does it mean everything around me works out as I want? Not really. But let me show you how it has worked for me. I have always been a person that has to be in control of everything that happens around, I have always had the need of having everything planned and calculated, so I get it if you are losing your mind over not having the control over whatever happening in your life. But I am here to bring you hope.

The scriptures say in James 4:7

Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” 

But we all have heard that, right? What we haven’t been paying attention to is the next verse:

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you”

Do you get it? He will draw near to you!!! That is what has happened to me these days. I have been looking for Him, crying out to Him, calling Him to work in my situation, surrendering my situation to Him… And He has been taking it over. NO, this is not another “Oh yes, everything is better becaue I let God in” *using a proper and fancy voice* No. Please try, TRY! I invite you to really try what happens when God comes into your life but not as a guest in the front row, no. As the starring role in your life.

Guys, handsome man, pretty lady reading this post, I need you to understand that life in God is not about reading fancy words in the bible and singing anthems. Life in God is not about reading the bible on Sundays or going to worship nights at church. Life in God is more than what people have expressed. In the bible God commands us more than 300 times not to fear, not to be afraid. And He means it, have you ever asked yourself how life would be like if you weren’t afraid… If you obeyed Him? I mean, He doesn’t say it just because. Analyze it! The God that created EVERYTHING from NOTHING is telling you not to be afraid because He is in charge. COME ON! Hahaha.

The day I got it (Which is thanks to the Holy Spirit, because I draw near to God) the peace that passess understanding came over me like I can’t explain. The joy of God came through his peace and I was no longer worried. I can’t really explain it to you because you don’t know me but as I explained at the beginning of the post, I spent my whole life worried over EVERYTHING. So, if someone knows about it, that’s me.

I hope you have a nice day today, but mostly, a better life from now on. Pray so you come closer to Him and His Spirit dwells in you. And you will see the difference, because where the spirit of God is, there is freedom.





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