Don’t get distracted


Whenever we are facing difficult moments, we experience God in the middle of them. Have you ever heard of people who when they face bad situations the turn to God but when everything is okay they just go back to their normal lives without God? Well… That is very common, but the intention of this post is to warn you about it and to invite you to have a real and constant relationship with Him even when things are okay.

The reason we have to be in constant contact with God is because we need them. As JOhn 15:5 says, “…He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing“. He is our creator and we belong to Him and for that reason our spirit will always have a need for Him. We should not conform to what we already lived in Him, we should always look for more. There’s plenty in Him for us, there are things that are prepared for us in His presence.

The promises He has given us are real; we don’t actually deserve them but He has given them to us and He will fulfill them because He never lies. But our main goal shouls be to know Him more and to spend time with Him, our Father.


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