Introvert is wrong… Right?

The world is for extroverts, it has been designed for them to succeed. “I have to be an extrovert no matter what… Not even if I don’t feel comfortable with it”. Do you feel somewhat related? Well, if you do, I don’t blame you because society has told us so for a really really long time.

May I invite you to dethrone that belief from our own heads first, and then from everybody else’s? It is ok to be an extrovert, but it is ok to be an introvert also. We are all human, we are all beautiful in our own way, but we are also different in our own way. And it is ok. It is ok not be excited about parties or spending an entire evening with a crowd. It is ok to be ok with staying home reading books and eating homemade snacks, watching movies with your brother or sister or simply sleeping or drawing.

It is not necessarily that we don’t like people at all (Some do haha) but the reality is that opposite from an extrovert, our energy drains from being in constant contact with people and our reward is not spending hours with people as extroverts might be, but getting home and spending time on our own or just having dates with ourselves.

We don’t have to pretend we like all that noise and numb from crowds because we would like to be part of them. We don’t have to force ourselves into a place full of people socializing for hours. We can go, be there and stay for a little less than the rest of the people, just to spend time with our friends, but we don’t have to stay there until we get exhausted and we can’t pretend more. We can just establish a certain amount of time and then, leave politely.

We are not sick, we are not weird because we are not extroverts. We are. Period. And we don’t have to pretend anymore. The interesting thing is that society has taught us so and extroverts point it out, and they even try to “help us” be like them *sighs*

Let’s love ourselves the way we are, let’s embrace our introvertedness  (that word might not exist, it just might not haha) and let’s teach the world that we are okay, we are fine, we are perfect just as extroverts are.



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