What actually matters

Image from wearethefamily.com

I just heard someone ask “What is the best memory you keep from your parents?, What is that that you will remember about them at the end of the days?” Wether they are alive or not, just think about it for a couple of seconds…

That made me think about mine… I came up with the conclusion that the greatest memory I have is church. Being raised in a christian environment, going to sunday school and going to the prayer service on tuesdays, and spending time knowing and hearing the stories about the people in the Bible.

You might be thinking why is that a memory about my parents, but without them I wouldn’t have gone to church, if they had not made me go I wouldn’t have had the opportunity of writing these post for you guys, but most importantly, what kind of relationship with God would I have had if they wouldn’t have been there?

I don’t know if you keep nice memories from your parents or if you barely remember them, or if the memories you keep are only bad ones… But what is certain is that you should start worrying about the memories you want to leave in your children, and if you are not planning to have kids, then think about the kind of impact you want to produce in other peolpe.






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