Live it


It’s been a while since my last post… I have been a little busy with some writing tasks at college, but now I am back.

Sharing words of wisdom and encouragement is not always easy, basically because we all go through problems and hard circumstances and we are not always in the position for helping others but ourselves. At least that is what most people actually think.

In my experience through some months of really hard situations, I can tell you that actually writing to you and spreading some faith texts has actually helped me through all my journey, because the word of God says tah faith comes by hearing the word of God, and in my case also by spreading it to you.

Through these days I’ve been scrolling down to Pinterest (big fan 🙂 haha) and have found myself reading a couple of times a phrase that judging by the number of times it has appeared on my feed, is God telling me not to worry. The phrase says “Go to sleep with this in mind: That God can change every situation”. I am not attaching here the actual post because it is in spanish but the important thing is that as He even pins me words of encouragement, I cannot stay quiet and refrain myself from sharing them to you.

Keep walking, keep hoping, keep asking the Holy Spirit to augment your faith so you trust God in every situation and learn how to see His hand in every situation, because He is working, He works in favor of those who seek Him.

Disclaimer: The previous image doesn’t mean that you should live the gospel as if it were true, as in an improbable existance of it, but rather to live it knowing that it IS true and living it consciously.

Have a very nice day 🙂


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