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I have been feeling uneasy about something lately… As I read more of the bible, I understand more and more things about how I (speakig for myself of course, but it obviously includes all of us) should live my life. And I don’t feel actually pressured to live it in a certain way, but God’s work on me, the closeness to His spirit, the renewing of mind and the renewing of life as a consequence to the first one, all that has changed the way I want to live my life.

Now it does not mean that I do not struggle to reach a certain level or to achieve certain goals, but it means that now I am actually willing to do so because it has become more important to please God and to feel Him close to me. It has become not only more important, but also something that my now renewed (“cleaner” in a way) spirit needs. I do not feel comfortable now taking part of certain conversations or activities, and some of them even make me feel very uncomfortable.

You see, peolple see christians sometimes as boring marionettes that act according to the bible without thinking twice about it, but as I have reached this previously explained point in my life, I now know the perks of this life, I am not a marionette, I am not a puppet, my life is different, I do not need vain entertainment to fulfill my needs, I do not need to be like the rest of society that is full of bad habits and practices that maybe are not considered as bad but that do not feed my current needs.

I may not be acting according to everything that God wants me to, but I am walking in a better direction than previously… I want to encourage you to live this way, not to struggle to become a better person, but to try to be closer to God and you will see how your needs become different and how you will be automatically better as well. I does not mean I do not want to be successful, or earn a lot of money, or travel, or buy things for my family and friends and goodwill… But it means I am not the empty person I used to be and my priorities are others, living a healthier, simpler yet indescribable life.



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