No shame

Credit: Pinterest

I came accross that image a while ago… I encourage you to read it again before continuing and once more after I have finished my words to see if your perspective changes.

A while ago, while going through a rough situation in which someone had betrayed me, I chose to share my feelings with some of my closest friends -as we all do. After a couple of months, I could forgive the person, something that actually seemed impossible at the beginning, and HERE it is when the image above comes…

The actual work was done by God: through him I could see the reasons why the person did wrong to me, and after realizing I have hurt or disappointed people too, it was even easier for me to forgive; but when  saw this image, I could see that these people in some places of South Africa were applying something really valuable, something that could change our so-judgemental-western lives in such a great way… We don’t have villages to sit around and tell virtues to each other when we make mistakes, but we can do so with our closest friends or relatives, those who are family to us. In the middle of a cozy living room, or in a café with some hot chocolate, in an open group or in a an intimate conversation, as needed or as it happens, but with the same essence.

I do not know if what the image says is true, or if it still happens, but I deeply believe that when we perform any kind of misdoings, it IS an actual cry for help… When we find God and he makes ALL THINGS NEW in our lives, we are no longer guilty, our ways are mended and we come clean before Him… We are no longer prisoners, but free. And when any of us make mistakes, our job is to remind that person or even ourselves that we are still human and we might fail from time to time, but we all deserve another chance.


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