Bye 2016

What a year! If someone had told me I would go through all things that happened this year, I would have answered: No way… May I choose another scenario? Hehe… You see, life will not always be what we expect, but we have to face it.

This year I had my heart broken in a way I did not expect, I felt so undone… Then I finally got to have something I had been wanting for so long… And I had to quit to it, I had to say no, because even though I wanted it so bad, I knew it was not for me, and to keep it, it would have meant separation from what I really love. I know it might sound confusing, but sometimes what you want is not what you need, and that was it.

I cried so much this year, I started it out so weak but I am ending it so strong… You see, vulnerability had always been a bad thing to me and for most people it is, but this year I was so vulnerable that I had no opportunity to hide it, but it was what actually allowed strength to develop in me.

Not all things that look bad, are so. All situations are opportunities to grow, to develop strength. Some of them are product of our own mistakes and decisions, some of them cannot be erased or fixed, but all of them are lessons. Some of them teach us to be wiser, others to more patient, others to be more mature, but all of them make us better.

I do not know how many different situations you went through this year, how tough they were or how unexpectedly they came to your life. I do know that it seems 2016 was not anybody’s best year because I can see memes, comments, articles, also many famous and beloved people died, and tremendous and horrible things happened product of the war… No matter how bad you rate this year, I invite you to see it the pther way around, because with God, all things are possible, all of them make us grow, and all of them have a reason to be. May I encourage you to embrace not the bad experiences, but the lessons learned from them.

I am still going to be writing some posts next year, I hope you join me in my adventure and I pray that every time you read from me, you may be blessed with joy and hope. Thanks for a year of support.

Happy, blessed, and joyful 2017!!!



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