Tempted? Go Ahead, Give In!


No, you did not read it wrong… Are you being  Tempted ? Well, just do it! But wait… Let me explain myself better because I might not be talking about the same kind of temptation you are thinking…

Have you ever woken up and felt like starting doing some exercise? Or have you ever felt like eating a little better or healthier for lunch instead of going to the first fast food restaurant you always visit? The kind of temptation I am talking about will bring you any kind of trouble or regret. This temptaion I am encouraging you to give in to, is the kind that will make you grow as a person and a professional and it will make you a better version of yourself. 🙂 Yay! Right?

Any time you feel tempted to help someone, to prepare that extra lunch box for that coworker never takes food from home, to spend the night taking care of your spouse instead of going out with friends, to buy an extra spmething to give to charity, to make a note saying your beloved one how much you love him/her…. Just go ahead and give in to temptation!!! If you do, just let me know how it brightened up your day and others’….


As part of TheDailyPost Prompt challenge

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