Drowning, Swimming or just Floating?

Whichever the circumstance in life, we will have three ways to face it: Drown, Swim, or Float …

Drowning implies letting the situation overpower you, not intentionally, because non of us intentionally let situations overcome us. It may be because we might not have the strength required to face it or just because it came in a bad moment… This reaction, the drowning, we should make sure happens the least of the time meaning in a negative context. In a possitive scenario, when we drown in a good situation, like when we drown in love, then make sure it happens the most often possible.

Swimming implies fighting against the situation, wishing for something different to happen, wishing for the opposite. It does not matter if the situation is good or bad, in this scenario we fight to change it and get out of it. Why good or bad? Because we sometimes try to get out of good situations thinking we do not deserve them… But that is for another post. Let´s move to the last one…

Floating. This one perhaps is the one that interests me the most. It calls my attention because on this scenario, we are not sure of what to do. We have not reached the point in which we have decided if we want to stay or not, so we just let the current draw us wherever it takes us. This is playing safe for some people, but I like to think about it as a way to loose control over things we cannot change.

Whichever the situation, choose your reaction wisely, for the way we react, determines the outcome of the situation at the end.




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