Time to Shine…

How many times have you felt like you are not reaching your potential? How many times have you found yourself struggling to get to work on ideas that are in your mind but that you do not know how to properly develop? At this point, let me ask you something deeper… Are you in the right track?

We all are inclined to different things. I am inclined to art: drawing, cooking, sewing, writing… My brother is not, he is more inclined to law, finances, politics…  And I tell you about it because I have this feeling that none of us are born blank pages. When we were created we were designed with a set of features not only physical -what we call, in science, phenotype- but also in our minds, and we can see its reflection in our most intimate desires.

Not so long ago I was majoring in Biology, I got my Bachelor’s and when I was in the first stage of my Master’s, I was so drained… During the whole process I got so tired. In some moments my love for art was just too much, and I felt like I was cut for it, but in my mind art was only a hobbie and I needed something “serious” to be a professional (my oh-so-squared mind back then). I found myself with so many ideas and projects inside of me and I did not know what to do with them or how to make them real… I was getting too frustrated! Bottomline, I quit my job, and I started a search for that job that was going to propel me to what I had been designed for…

You may differ with me in parts of my message, like the part we are all designed for something, and it is ok, but just look into your heart and ask yourself if what you are doing today is making you a better you, a happier, more complete, fascinating human being… Or are you just earning money to live? Now, I am not saying we all should quit our jobs and change career paths as I did, because we all have responsibilities… But maybe it is time to make room for what makes us unique and Shine !!!


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