Grannys and Grandpas…



This drawing is inspired in a book I want to write about the importance elderly people have on a child’s developement and growth… Our grandpas and grannys are wise people and they have so many stories and wisdom to share, but sadly, they suffer from abandonment, not only they are being left alone in care institutions, but also they are being ignored or mistretaed at their own homes by their families. My idea is to share their importance and value through nice and heartwarming stories spreading a message of respect towards elderly people, because, after all, we are all getting there.

This is one of my drawings. I have been drawing this style for over a year and this one was one of the first I did… I want to publish this book hopefully soon. I hope I can find the means, contacts and publishers, etc… Meanwhile I’m just setting myself some ideas that I want to develop there… I hope you love my idea as much as I do and enjoy my drawing!

If you want to see more of my art, just click here 🙂





Special thanks to #Dailypost for having this great idea of sharing something meaningful this week!


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