How my major was killing me…

If you have read about me in the past, you might know I have been through a lot these past years. I will make it short for you in one particular area: The academic/professional one.

I quit my major, just when I was in the first year of my Master’s degree because God asked me to. Not because he wanted to without a reason, but because even though I liked it, it was killing me on the inside at the same time. I spent 7 years getting the Bachelor´s degree and all I got was emotional problems, depression and ended up drained because all the pressure it meant for me. Something like that was never meant to happen to me, but I was stubborn and I HAD TO get that title so I would be recognized among very important spheres…

Well, God had other plans for me. I was disobedient, I did what I thought was correct, but at the end it was stronger than myself and I could not resist it anymore. It had become like a god to me, and it was taking away the best of me.

Letting it go was one of the hardest things because eventhough I did not want to admit it, it was an actual god to me. When I recognized without God I was just a mess, I finally let go of that burden. Bu the story does not finish there, beceause God does not take things from you just to leave you alone or with a necessity, NEVER! When he asks something from you, it is because He has something even better for you, ALWAYS. And that exactly happened to me.

A little more than a year after I quit, I started having this feeling that I had been born with a lot of talents and creativity but I wasn´t exercising any of them, so God took me through a process in which He made sure I understood He was my provider and that He had everything under control.

You see, I quit my job without having another one as plan B. I just trusted God that if He had taken me out of the darkness, He would provide a path of light and blessings for meto walk through… Today, I am at my new job, in a position where I am exercising all my talents and creativity, that by the way, are not mine, but His in me. I had never been happier before with a job and now I am full… He has directed every step of the way and now that I am obedient to his word, He is directing me through the pah He had designed for me since the beginning and I am more than tankful and living trying to honor him in every step….

Even though the decisions God is making you make look scary or crazy, just dgo where He says, because He will provide and He will never fail. NEVER.





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