His love is not fractured


Listening to Amanda Cook’s song Pieces made me think abot how great and unlimited God’s love for us is…

God is not ashamed of you, He is not waiting for you to do something for Him to love you. People around you might have ran away the second you failed them, but with God, He has always been there for you in spite of your actions. His love is not something you can measure… Remember when your dad or mom asked “How much do you love me?” and the answer was “To the moon and back”? For God there are no limits… He doesn’t love just to the moon and back, He is willing to give the most precious of things in order to save you.

Merriam Webster

His love is unconditioned, you will never find this kind of love in anyone else, because as far it is the East from the West, he has hidden your sins from you, so they never reach you again; He has loved you with everlasting love.

His love you cannot compare to anything else, no one will ever be able to love you the way he does. His love does not hurt you and it does not give you excuses, he keeps his promises, his word is word of truth.

For He has loved you, you can live and live a life of abundance, being complete in Him, no matter the circumstance, you will be at peace, worry might come to knock your door, but the peace and quiet of mind that being in HIm gives you, will never compare to the despair the world wants to offer you.

He doesn’t give his heart in pieces, all His love is yours…



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