Loving myself

Credit: Pinterest

We have been told we have to love ourselves, but at the same time that we have to take pride away of our lives, that we have to be able to compliment ourselves but at the same time that we should not feed our ego that much… The way of loving ourselves seems to be more complicated than what we might think. But there is something true, whoever that is that is making you think you are not enough or sufficient to satisfy their needs or that is telling you (not necessarily with words) that you are not worthy…. He or she should make a long trip way back to where they came and leave you alone (my very polite way to say it :))

You see, I had depended on everybody and their moms to create my self-image all my life… Every single comment they made, every compliment or critic, every look on me was an excuse for me to change something or improve my image, just to look every time more perfect… Every magazine model, every tv show host, everybody had something I didn’t have but I needed. And in my 27s, I can tell you that spending kind of 22 looking for perfection, it was just exhausting, it withered me from the inside and it drained me. Trying to please everybody is something we can not afford.

Knowing my worth was something I had to suffer through, but when God came in and showed me who I was, everything finished there, I should say everything actually started there….

If you want to know more on what the process was like because you need any guidance, let me know in the comments and I can send you more information. If you went through this process too, please let me know what it was for you, how did you make it? I’m eager to hear from you!







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