What do we all want? Is it acceptance? We all look forward being valued as human beings, being that special someone for somebody, being irreplaceable… But sometimes we look in the wrong places and the only thing we get is a broken heart.

We should look for our value in the hands of the one that created us. The one who made us is the only one who really knows our worth and can reveal it to us. He will not set you apart for being different, He will not refuse to show you love because you have let him down in more than one occasion. Your father is the one who really knows who you are. Society will not tell you who you are, your best friends will not even be there every second of your life, you have secrets you haven´t told anyone… He knows them all, and inspite of that, He loves you and would not change you for any other.

You are who He says you are, not who your mom tells you, not who your teacher tells you, not what your grades say you are… You have a value only God knows and you should pursue knowing it. Once you know who you are for Him, ou will be unstoppable. If you know who you are, who you REALLY are, there´s nothing you would not do.



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