Grannys and Grandpas…



This drawing is inspired in a book I want to write about the importance elderly people have on a child’s developement and growth… Our grandpas and grannys are wise people and they have so many stories and wisdom to share, but sadly, they suffer from abandonment, not only they are being left alone in care institutions, but also they are being ignored or mistretaed at their own homes by their families. My idea is to share their importance and value through nice and heartwarming stories spreading a message of respect towards elderly people, because, after all, we are all getting there.

This is one of my drawings. I have been drawing this style for over a year and this one was one of the first I did… I want to publish this book hopefully soon. I hope I can find the means, contacts and publishers, etc… Meanwhile I’m just setting myself some ideas that I want to develop there… I hope you love my idea as much as I do and enjoy my drawing!

If you want to see more of my art, just click here 🙂





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Time to Shine…

How many times have you felt like you are not reaching your potential? How many times have you found yourself struggling to get to work on ideas that are in your mind but that you do not know how to properly develop? At this point, let me ask you something deeper… Are you in the right track?

We all are inclined to different things. I am inclined to art: drawing, cooking, sewing, writing… My brother is not, he is more inclined to law, finances, politics…  And I tell you about it because I have this feeling that none of us are born blank pages. When we were created we were designed with a set of features not only physical -what we call, in science, phenotype- but also in our minds, and we can see its reflection in our most intimate desires.

Not so long ago I was majoring in Biology, I got my Bachelor’s and when I was in the first stage of my Master’s, I was so drained… During the whole process I got so tired. In some moments my love for art was just too much, and I felt like I was cut for it, but in my mind art was only a hobbie and I needed something “serious” to be a professional (my oh-so-squared mind back then). I found myself with so many ideas and projects inside of me and I did not know what to do with them or how to make them real… I was getting too frustrated! Bottomline, I quit my job, and I started a search for that job that was going to propel me to what I had been designed for…

You may differ with me in parts of my message, like the part we are all designed for something, and it is ok, but just look into your heart and ask yourself if what you are doing today is making you a better you, a happier, more complete, fascinating human being… Or are you just earning money to live? Now, I am not saying we all should quit our jobs and change career paths as I did, because we all have responsibilities… But maybe it is time to make room for what makes us unique and Shine !!!

Drowning, Swimming or just Floating?

Whichever the circumstance in life, we will have three ways to face it: Drown, Swim, or Float …

Drowning implies letting the situation overpower you, not intentionally, because non of us intentionally let situations overcome us. It may be because we might not have the strength required to face it or just because it came in a bad moment… This reaction, the drowning, we should make sure happens the least of the time meaning in a negative context. In a possitive scenario, when we drown in a good situation, like when we drown in love, then make sure it happens the most often possible.

Swimming implies fighting against the situation, wishing for something different to happen, wishing for the opposite. It does not matter if the situation is good or bad, in this scenario we fight to change it and get out of it. Why good or bad? Because we sometimes try to get out of good situations thinking we do not deserve them… But that is for another post. Let´s move to the last one…

Floating. This one perhaps is the one that interests me the most. It calls my attention because on this scenario, we are not sure of what to do. We have not reached the point in which we have decided if we want to stay or not, so we just let the current draw us wherever it takes us. This is playing safe for some people, but I like to think about it as a way to loose control over things we cannot change.

Whichever the situation, choose your reaction wisely, for the way we react, determines the outcome of the situation at the end.



Tempted? Go Ahead, Give In!


No, you did not read it wrong… Are you being  Tempted ? Well, just do it! But wait… Let me explain myself better because I might not be talking about the same kind of temptation you are thinking…

Have you ever woken up and felt like starting doing some exercise? Or have you ever felt like eating a little better or healthier for lunch instead of going to the first fast food restaurant you always visit? The kind of temptation I am talking about will bring you any kind of trouble or regret. This temptaion I am encouraging you to give in to, is the kind that will make you grow as a person and a professional and it will make you a better version of yourself. 🙂 Yay! Right?

Any time you feel tempted to help someone, to prepare that extra lunch box for that coworker never takes food from home, to spend the night taking care of your spouse instead of going out with friends, to buy an extra spmething to give to charity, to make a note saying your beloved one how much you love him/her…. Just go ahead and give in to temptation!!! If you do, just let me know how it brightened up your day and others’….


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Where Are You?

Where do you want to be in a week? … In a month…?  In a year…? In five years?…

Most of us always think of where we want to be in some time, the things we want to achieve in the future, our goals, our dreams… But what about now? Because you will always have NOW, and that’s where you are. If you want to achieve A, B or C, there are some things you could and should be doing now, and if it’s something you don’t have control over, then what you can do is just put everything in God’s hands and wait…

The most important thing you could ever do is work on the present, now, because it will be what you will always have…

Bye 2016

What a year! If someone had told me I would go through all things that happened this year, I would have answered: No way… May I choose another scenario? Hehe… You see, life will not always be what we expect, but we have to face it.

This year I had my heart broken in a way I did not expect, I felt so undone… Then I finally got to have something I had been wanting for so long… And I had to quit to it, I had to say no, because even though I wanted it so bad, I knew it was not for me, and to keep it, it would have meant separation from what I really love. I know it might sound confusing, but sometimes what you want is not what you need, and that was it.

I cried so much this year, I started it out so weak but I am ending it so strong… You see, vulnerability had always been a bad thing to me and for most people it is, but this year I was so vulnerable that I had no opportunity to hide it, but it was what actually allowed strength to develop in me.

Not all things that look bad, are so. All situations are opportunities to grow, to develop strength. Some of them are product of our own mistakes and decisions, some of them cannot be erased or fixed, but all of them are lessons. Some of them teach us to be wiser, others to more patient, others to be more mature, but all of them make us better.

I do not know how many different situations you went through this year, how tough they were or how unexpectedly they came to your life. I do know that it seems 2016 was not anybody’s best year because I can see memes, comments, articles, also many famous and beloved people died, and tremendous and horrible things happened product of the war… No matter how bad you rate this year, I invite you to see it the pther way around, because with God, all things are possible, all of them make us grow, and all of them have a reason to be. May I encourage you to embrace not the bad experiences, but the lessons learned from them.

I am still going to be writing some posts next year, I hope you join me in my adventure and I pray that every time you read from me, you may be blessed with joy and hope. Thanks for a year of support.

Happy, blessed, and joyful 2017!!!


No shame

Credit: Pinterest

I came accross that image a while ago… I encourage you to read it again before continuing and once more after I have finished my words to see if your perspective changes.

A while ago, while going through a rough situation in which someone had betrayed me, I chose to share my feelings with some of my closest friends -as we all do. After a couple of months, I could forgive the person, something that actually seemed impossible at the beginning, and HERE it is when the image above comes…

The actual work was done by God: through him I could see the reasons why the person did wrong to me, and after realizing I have hurt or disappointed people too, it was even easier for me to forgive; but when  saw this image, I could see that these people in some places of South Africa were applying something really valuable, something that could change our so-judgemental-western lives in such a great way… We don’t have villages to sit around and tell virtues to each other when we make mistakes, but we can do so with our closest friends or relatives, those who are family to us. In the middle of a cozy living room, or in a café with some hot chocolate, in an open group or in a an intimate conversation, as needed or as it happens, but with the same essence.

I do not know if what the image says is true, or if it still happens, but I deeply believe that when we perform any kind of misdoings, it IS an actual cry for help… When we find God and he makes ALL THINGS NEW in our lives, we are no longer guilty, our ways are mended and we come clean before Him… We are no longer prisoners, but free. And when any of us make mistakes, our job is to remind that person or even ourselves that we are still human and we might fail from time to time, but we all deserve another chance.